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Варшавский экспресс
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Beginners, Beginners-Intermediate (BI). This level is for those who has been dancing lindy hop less than a year, is able to do basic steps and moves but is unsure on the dancefloor. On this level you will have a chance not only to revise your knowledge but also learn new moves and routines and feel comfortable dancing with partners of your level.

Intermediate (I). This level is for dancers with dancing experience of more than a year. You have been to one or two Russian of foreign dance camps, maybe tried yourself in competition but not very sure of your technique, speed and improvisation. This level is designed for those who is ready for more difficult routines and harder work in class.

Advanced (A). If you dance more than 2 years, have been to lots of different camps around Europe, if you are not afraid to jam and take part in fast feet competitions. If words like fish tale and sugar push mean something for you - this level's for you. Pay attention that all dancers registered for that level will have to come to audition.

After the auditions in lindy hop there will be 6 groups from complete beginners to advanced plus.
In boogie woogie and balboa divisions there will be two groups - intermediate and advanced.
The possibility of creating the 3rd level is real in case more balboa dancers show their interest in balboa or boogie woogie classes.