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Варшавский экспресс
Выброс Феди из заведения2
10-14 June
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
VIII International Festival of Swing dance is calling for human beings!

Gigantic androids got the power on the planet. Mankind stepped aside giving place to intelligent machines. Having used all the resources robots found a new everlasting energy source. This source of energy turned out to be people themselves. Having invaded the Earth cyber monsters started to intervene into people's communities in order to enslave the rest of the population. It seemed the game was over. The salvation came unexpectedly. People discovered that strange audio records from ancient archives with a mystical name JAZZ destabilizes machine logic and cyber mind starts hallucinating and decomposing to the sound of Jazz! And the way out was found. The news about the redeeming music got to every corner of the living planet. People started listening to jazz and dancing to it. And even where they didn't know how to move correctly they learned fast. This is how SWING got its revival in the postapocalyptic world.

Swing. Second coming.

As Steven Mitchell said last year,
«I'll be back!»
And this came true!!! So, to help the mankind and all others here they come:

  • Steven Mitchell, USA (authentic jazz)
  • Dax Hock and Sarah Breck, USA (lindy hop)
  • Anne-Helene and Bernard Cavasa, France (balboa, lindy hop)
  • Fedor Nedotko and Inga Platonova, Russia (lindy hop)
  • Marcus Koch and Bärbl Kaufer, Germany (boogie woogie)
  • Johnny Lloyd and Violetta Lebedeva, Germany-Russia (lindy hop)
  • Sergey Kryuchkov and Julia Kalegina, Russia (boogie woogie)
  • Maria Krokhina and Alexey Gudovich, Russia (balboa)

This year there will be:

  • more than 90 classes in lindy hop, balboa, boogie woogie and authentic jazz!
  • 4-5 dance parties (and, yes, a warm-up party on the Neva!)
  • Cabaret show (must go on!)
  • Team battle (NO MERCY!)
  • Blues night (and anti-blues party!)
  • Live music (!!!)
  • Five summer days, five white nights, new friends, old friends, and, of course, JAZZ!!!

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